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The registration process is two steps, to begin enter your CVMA ID as it appears on your card.

  • For full members, your CVMA ID is numeric only, example 285.
  • For FM Auxiliary, your CVMA ID is AUX- followed by numbers, example AUX-18.
  • For Supporter, your CVMA ID is S- followed by numbers, example S-17.
  • For Supporter Auxiliary, your CVMA ID is SAUX- followed by numbers, example SAUX-546.
  • For Honorary, your CVMA ID is H- followed by numbers, example H-25.
  • For Honorary Auxiliary, your CVMA ID is HAUX- followed by numbers, example HAUX-25.

If you have not recieved your card yet, you should find your cvma ID in the welcome email you received when you were added the family.

Next, choose a user name 4 to 15 characters in length, and a password 4 to 15 characters in length. Confirm your password to ensure it is typed correctly.

Click Confirm.

The next screen will indicate if your desired user name is unique and your CVMA ID is active and unregistered. If all is OK, you will see a message stating a security email has been sent to your address on file with the CVMA. Your address will also be displayed.

If your address is not valid, contact your state rep for correction. If you can not contact your state rep, send me an email requesting an update, include your CVMA ID. When your address is correccted, repeat the registration process. No information from registration is saved until the security code is entered.

If your address is valid, monitor your email inbox for a unique security code to verify your identity. The message should arrive within minutes of clicking Confirm.

If the security email does not appear in your inbox within ten minutes, check your Junk or Bulk or Trash folders. You should also add to your address book or valid senders list. This will help keep emails coming from the site from going into your junk folder.

Your security email will include a link to confirm your identity. Click the link or copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser. Enter your security code to complete your registration. You will be logged in at this time.

Member ID Enter your membership number as it appears in your welcome email or on your CVMA membership card.
Create User Name 4 to 15 characters. Use alpha-numberic only. No special characters or punctuation.
Create Password 4 to 15 characters. Use alpha-numberic only. No special characters or punctuation.
Confirm Password
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